29 July 2009

A Push Gag


Its just a simple push , which got pushed into a short story.
Its been revieved on 11 secs club, so the final version is gone many places.
Have fun

12 June 2008

Time & Decisions

Working on an animation project can be intensive. other than the previously mentioned objects, the net which can be used for a 101 things everyday, books on specific topic, be it Animators survival kit, or An anatomy book, or maybe, Disney’s Illusion of life , or Shot by Shot, or something on storyboards. You never know where you might need to check up on something, thus it is important to either have them before, or know where they can be got at quickly.

Time is of essence, time is not only money, but it keeps things moving in the right direction. let me explain, I have been working on story boards & this is the third. Every time we draw it, we realize that we have improved. Then the question that comes to mind is when we really stop, I mean like this can go on & on, there is always scope for some improvement, right.

Well here it is important to be clear that the possibilities are many , but to be able to do it in the pre decide. time is of utmost importance, other wise any creative person can go on without knowing when to stop & that is the enemy of good work. It is not necessary that just because you are putting time, the work will be good.

Tough decisions needs to be taken at such times, so things are always on the move, sometimes slow, but always steady. Thats what we did, we decided that the storyboard stage is done. Thus we will move into the next stage, logically it is the animatics stage, but maybe we might just take a shot for animation just to get ready for what is coming. We could also do both side by side.

That will come in the next post, till then

Have fun...

Id Animation & Arts

28 May 2008

The workplace

Hey ya folks! Apologies for the delayed post. But our workload has kept us away from the blog. Believe me, FILM MAKING IS NOT EASY!

We are not posting any artwork or the usual stuff today. Let’s just get a bit diverted from the regular gist. Today we present our STUDIO.

Shade is a project executed in our Studio School. We have a nice little corner besides the book cupboard where we breed it with all the necessary stuff needed. You can see a PC where all the referencing and digital process is done, A Light box where ANIMATION will be done (currently used for rotoscoping and rough animation), A line tester which is built by our own hands by using a broom dowel, some sticky tape, a tin paint box, some sand, wires and of course a Web cam. Why I am telling you this? Well…..We are Proud of that little creation. (Which saved us a big deal of money incidentally J). That’s the major stuff covered not to mention a video camera, a whole bunch of papers, some books, Pencils, a Mannequin, some clay models for understanding the object in 3d space, Guitars for music jamming, a Congo bongo for some beats (which ratatouille had taken care of now, I MEAN THE DAMM RATS ATE UP THE DRUM LEATHER) and a nice set of speakers for some good music. Well you don’t necessarily need the last three honestly.

It is very important to build a workplace which LOOKS like a workplace entirely dedicated to what you are doing. The environment is lively when there are sketches and notes dangling on the walls, pencils are lying here and there, and the town is covered with all the creative clutter. (Of course it is nice to keep everything in place and properly managed) but you know that a kid needs a good and healthy environment to grow, we are no different.

When we get into this space, we kind of go into a work zone, of limits to every other thought. All the drawing, design & ideation is for what we are doing. It is an important part of a creative set up, where personalization of the work space with drawings, stuffed toy, rigs, clay models & clay, armature, rough sketches ,pencils, reference models or sheets along with a bottle of water, maybe a pack of biscuits all take up this creative space.

Id Animation & Arts